Fermentis Spring Blanche

Spring'Blanche™ - Beer haze & haziness stabilizer

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Spring'Blanche™ Fermentis 

Beer contains polyphenols which may form complexes by interacting with some specific proteins. These complexes create a haze when they remain in suspension. The haze level will depend on the polyphenol content in the beer and the particles density (W/V) will impact the stability of the haze.

Spring’Blanche™ is a yeast extract rich in native proteins of various molecular weights which will specifically interact to produce a permanent stable haze. It is ideal to produce hazy beers (wheat beers, Belgian Style Wit / Blanches or hazy IPAs).


For less than 6 months: the product must be stored below 24°C. For more than 6 months: the product must be stored below 15°C. For short periods not exceeding 7 days there is an exception to these rules.

Shelf life

Refer to best before end date printed on the sachet. Opened sachets must be sealed and stored at 4°C (39°F) and used within 7 days of opening.

Do not use soft or damaged sachets.

Each Fermentis yeast is developed under a specific production scheme and benefits from the know-how of the Lesaffre group, world leader in yeast manufacturing. This guarantees the highest microbiological purity and maximum fermentation activity.

Characteristic Value
Total Esters N/A
Total Sup. Alcohols N/A
Apparent Attenuation N/A
Sedimentation Time N/A
Alcohol Tolerance N/A
Phenolic Off-Flavor N/A
Dosage / Temperature 5 to 20 g/hl. An optimum dosing rate of 10 g/hL will provide a stable haze of approximately 20°EBC.
Suggested Style wheat beers, Belgian Style Wit / Blanches or hazy IPAs